Custom golf clubs fitted to your swing timing


A Brief Introduction to Our Custom Golf Equipment System


What is Swing Timing?

Swing Timing is based on timing of the shaft kick during the players down swing. Picking the shaft that will provide the proper club frequency to match this players shaft release to ball impact timing (shaft straight at impact) will provide peak performance for the players swing.

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         Your Swing Timing Specifications


Gathering the Swing Timing Data

Perfected Golf groups patented on the club FitChip Fitting System measures how the shaft loads and unloads throughout the swing. From this data the time between shaft release and ball impact can be determined. This timing varies with each player and for most players from one club to the next.

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What to Expect From a FitChip Fitting

If we recommend changing your shaft stiffness for your custom golf equipment you can expect 10% to 15% more distance and hitting fairways and greens consistently. Before you commit to buy we have a set of test shafts for a 5 Iron, 3 Hybrid and driver that you can test to wittiness the results you will get from our recommended shaft frequency. Your Custom Golf Equipment will be built to even closer specifications then what you may experience with the test clubs.

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