Custom Golf Equipment Fitted Using Swing Timing

Golf Club Fitting By Swing Timing

How can the FitChip club fitting system offer a fitting better then any other club fitting system currently in the golf industry? None of the other systems considers the timing of the players swing. Many will say club head speed is a form of timing and it does relate to how much time it takes the club head to get from one position to another. If the golf shaft was rigid club head speed would not even mater. However the shaft, for the sake of weight, is flexible. Because of that, what happens to the shaft during the down swing is critical to its response and timing to provide the player with peak performance. We know that peak performance of the club will occur when it is back to straight at ball impact. At this point the club head is back to square and the shaft kick is contributing its peak addition to the players applied club head speed. 

The FitChip was developed to record how the player loads and unloads the shaft. This is where the critical timing of the players swing comes into play. Two players with the same club head speed can have different shaft loading patterns that result in different shaft release times during the swing. This means that each player has a different time for the shaft to return to straight in his swing. To match this difference in time, to each players timing, the stiffness of the two shafts must be different. By using shaft frequency (the most accurate measure of shaft stiffness) we can select the stiffness/frequency of the shaft that will get back to straight and square at ball impact. Then by tipping a selected shaft to get the exact frequency for the club, within tolerance, we provide the player with his best performance  possible with that club  

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You may sign up for a Custom club fitting from any of our Championship Team. We offer on-site club fitting as well as remote club fittings with the FitChip system. You will also find links to detailed information explaining how our FitChip golf club fitting technology works. Register right here for our shaft fitting Program, a display of some of the club components we use, testimonials from club builders who use the FitChip golf club fitting system to bring the ultimate in shaft fitting to their clients and testimonials from golfers who have big smiles on their faces and FitChip fitted clubs in their bag. After reviewing the information above and you still have questions please feel free to contact Mr. Hackman at or call 239 910 7815.

Where is the Club fitting done?

The primary location for this service is Perfected Golf Group's Shop in Columbus, Ohio. Perfected Golf Group also offers the basic shaft fitting remotely by having a FitChip shaft fitting device mailed to you with instructions on gathering the data. The FitChip is returned and the data analyzed. A test Driver, Hybrid and 5 Iron can be assembled to your recommended specifications and mailed to you for trial. This can also be combined with the remote video lessons offered by Lotus Golf. 

Your cost prior to making a final purchase decision on clubs will be the return postage of the FitChip and test clubs. The fitting cost listed below is for the purchase of your fitting information without the purchase of clubs. Any purchase of clubs will include the fitting. We will also be happy to quote you the cost of the club or clubs you might want to order prior to committing to you fitting session.  

Single club Fitting         $45.00            Full Set Fitting      $65.00

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