Custom golf clubs fitted to your swing timing

Custom golf clubs fitted to your swing timing

Custom golf clubs fitted to your swing timingCustom golf clubs fitted to your swing timingCustom golf clubs fitted to your swing timing


Our main suppliers are Adams Golf, Taylormade, Cobra, Callaway and TourEdge (main line companies) and Alpha. Each of these companies design  their own product and closely control the quality of their product using  the same foundries and manufacturing firms being used by the so called  top line golf companies. These components are manufactured in the same  foundries with the same high quality materials and specifications as OEM  club heads such as Mizuno, Nike, Wilson, etc.. That`s correct; Adams  Golf and Alpha are coming off the very same assembly lines as most of  the well-known OEM club heads. In fact Adams Golf is the only one of the name brand OEM's that have chosen to go custom by authorizing a few  custom club fitters/builders to be authorized  Adams Golf Fitting  Centers, as we are.

The  OEM clubs are built from component heads as well just like custom clubs but without the care of specifically tailoring each assembled club  component to the individual for whom it is being built. These companies  will not allow their heads to be distributed as separate components with  the exception of PowerBilt Golf and their new custom club program.  There are quality components available from several companies but  unfortunately there are also some companies that are not necessarily concerned with the quality, only the perception that it looks like a  name brand head. These companies give the component industry a bad  reputation. Branding is what OEM companies spend millions of dollars on  to create a demand for their product. Because the component companies do  not promote their individual brands like the major OEM companies, in  the consumer’s mind, custom component products are not as good in  quality. The custom component companies we deal with have done this long enough to know that their designs are every bit as good as the "brand names". Of course    Adams Golf is one of those name brands that is now offering their components to a limited number of Custom club builders.  Each of our selected custom designed components have been played and won  on a PGA tour or Long Drive Tour. The best set a player can buy is one  that is custom fit and custom built with quality components to his/her  swing timing.

Golf  component companies have used the Chin-Tech Foundry, which is the only foundry in Taiwan certified and qualified to produce parts and service customers such as Taylor Made, Boeing, McDonald-Douglas, Lockheed, Pratt  & Whitney, General Electric, and Rolls Royce.

Each of these  companies invest in testing and development of new designs for their  components with proto-types that undergo rigorous testing by professionals, and robots before they are ever made available to club  makers.

The  Golf Club Shaft is the key to getting a TRULY built set of custom clubs. Timing the shaft to the frequency that matches the players swing timing within 2 cpm provides peak performance (accuracy and distance).  Most club makers today and the golf industry will fit you to the A L, R,  S and X shaft flexes which have a 15 cpm range for each flex designation. It is the frequency that the shaft is tuned to that  provides the proper timing not the shafts manufacturer or its cost.

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